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“The best of” Skincare so far

Well, yes, I am a skin care freak!  I would prefer pending hardcore cash on a skin care products than having 15 shades of highlighter, which I will probably never finish… That way you can spend less on a make up, because you will not need it …

Anyway, because it is difficult to find ALL the GOOD products here, in Prague, cause guess what, Sephora has not even 1/10 of all the goodies, and ULTA doesn’t ship to such a small country, well, lets work with whatever we have here!

Make up removers:

Mac Cleanse Off Oil is AMAZING!!! Love that shit! It makes my skin super clean, without using a ton, its easy to apply, easy to cleanse off, removes the eye make up like a dream, and the price is not bad… A bit cheaper than Clinique Take A Day Off (btw: LOVE the name!)… You get MAYBE a little bit more of the product, but IDK, after finishing the second jar I felt it has been doing something weird to my skin..so stick with MAC 🙂


These are new to MAC family:

I don’t like the original ones, they were not sensitive enough for my eyes, nor to the face, but these are awesome! I use them during my “lazy” days, when I wanna speed up the process, they take everything off, but might dehydrate the face a bit more, than the oil…


To remove the maximum of the make up and exfoliate a little bit I have been using this quiet expensive oil from Juice Beauty Steam Cellular Cleansing Oil:

Removes everything! I am not sure if it does such a good job, but it is 100% natural, makes your skin smooth like a babies butt!

Toner :

For those of you with supper sensitive skin — like me, there is ONE and only product, that I have been using for the past 3 months, and it has been soooo good! Kiehl’s – Celudula herbal extract, alcohol free.

If you use the toner – this thing is gonna make your skin smooth and beautiful! I had horrible dry patches on my chin and lower cheeks, and this cured it in 3 days! Love it! This one is for normal to oily skin, but they have the Cucumber one for the sensitive and dry – that stuff burned like hell! Don’t be afraid to take few testers and give it a try!

Essence and Oils

I am still trying out some oils for day and night, for now I stick with SK-II, thank you Desi Perkins 🙂 . I am not sure if it does its job, but it definitely doesn’t does any damage. Supposed to improve the texture of your skin and make it glow, look younger and better. It is supposed to be some “magical water” according to Sephora’s turns claim… Well, I will let you know, if my face turns 12!


My morning routine is a little bit different that the night one, but I have been really blown away with this product! I have been using the Ultra Facial Cream by Kiehl’s, but after the “hardcore winter” came, and my skin became supper sensitive and dry, and EVERY single (even the most sensitive cream) was burning my face sooo bad, I try this one. – Just for the info, I had at least 5 moisturisers and none of them helped… At first, I did not like it — the scent of oranges was too strong, and I don’t like when companies use too much money to “parfumise” the product instead of investing into the ingredient. BUT!  I went on like a dream, it was sooo smooth and didn’t sting not a bit, made my skin super moisturised thew all night and I woke up with a beautiful, smooth, and calmed skin!!! Loooove it!

If you need something extra, you really should check out this beautiful little fellow – it soaks right in, smells sooo good, hydrates and it really feels like it’s tightens up the pores!!! 🙂

What are your best choices for a skin care so far?

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