Who the hell is Oli Egler!?

Plus size is the new black!

A bit of boodie is not pretty anymore? How the fuck did we get to that?!?

“Little tummy? A little something extra on your arms, or your ass can’t fit into size 2? That’s disgusting!!!! “

But how the hell did we got here?

Okey, lets go deeper here…


“Scientifically”: Beauty standards have been always something, which has been difficult to achieve “at that particular time” – in the times of hunger or economical instability have been “bigger” and “well fed” people considered to be most beautiful and healthy – which was common in the “upper class” – those were the “elite” ones, who people looked up to. But… time has changed and now, when the most common trap is “all you can eat” sign on the restaurants, the roles has changed a little!

Chubby and “big” people are not the “smart and wealthy” ones anymore… Those, who don’t follow the vegan-gluten free-dairy free craziness are simply not “trendy” anymore.

In the 40’s and 50’s we were blown away with stunning Marilyn Monroe and her hourglass-shaped body, Lesley Lawson alias Twiggy – with her “mini” and “boyish” shaped body, which became the symbol of the 60’s 70’s, along with the “mini skirt”; than 70’s and 80’s – the golden age of the “wonder women” and “dangerous Bond girls”  like Brigette Nielsen in Red Sonya, Jane Fonda, Farrah Fawcett (in Charlie’s Angels) .. and then.. punk 90’s with the unforgettable „heroine chics” like Kate Moss or Courtney Love.

plus size model Ashley Graham

So how “modern” woman look’s like today? It is probably some version of the “Mens sana in corpore sano” (a healthy mind in a healthy body). Condé Nast chairman Jonathan Newhouse made it clear, that the health of models is the most important issue, which they are also trying to mirror in their magazines.  Even though we know, that models are still being very “hungry looking” sometimes…
Now, finally, models like Ashley Graham the body activists like Stefania Ferrario and Iskra Lawrence are breaking the “old fashion standards” (“standard” is the funny word, cause for models, and “normal mortal girls” world it usually means around 170-180cm hight with size 32 to 34 – ha!), and showing the other side of the beauty industry. They have millions of followers, and world is loving them for that!!

Iskra Lawrence

Brand are trying to concentrate on this particular trend, because it represents the “unknown” but huuuuge segment of the market – not only for young girls, but even mature and older women – our mothers and grandmothers, whose body shape has changed a little since they were 20 – which is absolutely NORMAL and natural – and nothing to be ashamed of! Mango and Boohoo have already launched their “plus size section” and the costumers are loving it!!! Forever 21 already “joined the party”, unlike Zara, who is afraid to loose the current costumers. To create “better environment” for everybody, might take more effort, that is seams – they would have to change the concept, the changing rooms and aisles for costumers, to make everybody feel comfortable.. to make the process of shopping more pleasurable for everyone.. Which I think they should do anyway!

Stefania Ferrario

So here you have it, ladies and gentleman – “bigger” women are coming back to “fashion”. Stop being ashamed of your beautiful bodies, spoil yourself with a good yoga class, some delish food, stop saying that you cannot wear this skirt or your “good old-times” skinny jeans! Put on some heel and red lipstick and the world will be yours!


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