Who the hell is Oli Egler!?

New “scandal” in the fashion world, or “Guys… C’mon!”

Sometimes I think we are spending waaaay too much time looking for the "inappropriate" context, where is none, and missing some other "really weird stuff"

Apparently, there is new faux pas in around the H&M – where the the small boy is wearing a green hoodie which says :” Coolest monkey in the jungle”… And he is Black!!! OMG! I am sorry – afro-american!

So, normal person like me see: “Oh, thats a nice hoodie!”

What a political/human/whatever activists sees: “Afro-american boy wearing a hoodie, with MONKEY on it – cause he looks like one? Thats is racist! We are fighting back!”

Okay, I totally understand, that brand should have probably picked a different model, cause the point of the activists is quite clear… But on the other hand we have to stop looking for the pseudo controversy everywhere, otherwise in few years we will be blaming tobacco companies for making WHITE cigarets, because that is racist too..

It’s not as bad as the “Jewish” star from Zara and Miu Miu, which was clearly a really really over the line. This is truly harmless.

What I find to be a little bit too weird and inappropriate is this:

“Send noods” ? You mean a “children’s version” of “send nudes”  ? Really? This is a little bit too much… I am not even talking about the “asian kid” being clothes to a “noodle t-shirt” (altho I might, cause thats also not really smart… ) but I am more concerned about the meaning of the expression — yes, even kids know what that means, because — in case you don’t know there is a magical thing called internet, where those little angels of yours can find out (and even see) what does it mean — “send nudes”

So, dear  H&M…. Please #thinkagain!

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang



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