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REVIEW 2018/2019 – more means more

What's hot next season? Print, logotypes, elegance and boldness! Yehaa!

Let’s take a look at the most popular items of the last year – Gucci (thanks to the “small” and catchy items like a floral sandals, or Gucci print t-shirt and “simple but effective” belt, which seems that eeeveryone has purchased last season)





Balenciaga (speed trainers  – and “IKEA bag”) and Vetements (because Demna!).



What have we learned? The prints and logos are THE SHIT! The “ugly fashion” is slowly taking over the market and there is nothing we can do.. Why? Cause its cool and SUPER COMFY! This year it will be ever more exciting, because we might be reaching the peak of the monograms and “more is more” policy.

Moschino – Jeremy Scott

Let’s go back to the 60’s, our “space flight attendants” will take you to the journey of your dreams! Judy and Jane Jetsons  will be your next season inspiration (and who haven’s seen the show on Cartoon Network in the 90’s is no longer my friend! Damn! So classic!  Finally the Moschino is not pulling my leg anymore!  I WANT THIS!!!



Chick, stylish and elegant, but not too sweet! Classy way to bring the Jackie Kennedy back to life (thanks to the absolutely stunning Kaia Gerber) and the rest of the models became Miss Argentina from Tim Burtons Beetlejuice ….



Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! 



Even though Scott might have been recycling hit “fresh” collection, and BDSM details on the clothing, it was surprisingly elegant — a “modern women” skirt suits with pillbox heats, loud and “over the board” crystal – silk jumpsuits and dresses… Moschino is back, babe!


Photo: Imaxtree

Fendi – Karl Lagerfeld

Double “F” head to toe? Why not?

Photo: Imaxtree

Scottish plaid and checker, massive (almost geometrical) shoulders, fur (not PETA friendly, but what the hack, I love fur too!) – mink hoodies, plastic trench and puffy jacks on the top of anything!

Btw – do you remember that super trendy FILA t-shirt, that almost everyone wore last summer? Well, if you follow the very well (un)known graphic designer and artist  @hey_reilly, whose art of creating the honest adds of the famous brands became very (VERY!) popular has been approached by Karl to use his FILA-FENDI logotype to include it in the official collection. Btw: I wrote “unknown” because this person is still quiet elegantly escaping from the spotlight and staying anonymous to the public.

Lady D inspired looks full of silk blouses, romantic dresses and midi skirts, wool suits and sheer elegance. Karl, are you trying to get to the princess new closet? Way to go 🙂


Photo: Imaxtree

Gucci – Alessandro Michele

What can you do, when you rule the Gucci wold? ANYTHING! … The cyborg lab – mirroring our future, the diamond burlesque underwear, the knitted masks, pagoda hats or dragon pats and the best accessory of the year – your own head – as long as its empty enough, to carry all your stuff!

Photo: Imaxtree

Ok, let’s put the “crazy” presentation aside for a moment.. It’s 2018 and we have to break all the rules and boundaries.. I get it!

But look at all those layers! They represent or “over layered” personalities – it’s all here – the religion, the culture back round, the social media, the movie industry ( Paramount or “Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!”), the sport obsessions (NY, LA, SF logos), the status, and the heritage of the past – as I see the presentation of the old/new floral print, that has been with Gucci for over 50 years.

As a show I love it, as a fashion – I ‘ll try to keep up 🙂


Next season “more” will be “MUCH MORE”

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang



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