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Ladies and gentlemen, here is the moment, for which all the "Czech fashionistas" have been waiting for! Mercedes Benz Prague Fashion Week! It has been amazing, beautiful and inspiring, as usual — this time in Clam Gallas Palace, which uplifted the atmosphere to almost "Ranch-Bougie-Super-Posh"!

UMPRUM – the Academy of Arts presents better and more interesting collections every year — the quality of tailoring and the “vision” itself is amusing and surpassing even the most skeptical ones. Puffy metallic “space” jackets almost remind the last collection of Gareth Pugh, elegance and chic with cooperation of the just a hint of “cultural” approach leaves me speechless, and the Alexandr McQueen’s like styling – well, just the way I like it 🙂

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Lukáš Krnáč – Wanna See my Jungle?

Genius!!! This is just my “blood type”! In the begging was Mother nature – clean and pure, with all it’s fruits and beauty…and then “The Boss” came – with big shoulders and yellow helmet and axe, and started to demolish everything in the name of… whatever it was… the “green” becomes “dark” and “business”, the leaves became plastic and in the end we were left with fire and ashes.. The beautiful symbolism — as the nature stars to rot (just like the bananas in the plastic bag — thats why they’re “50% off”) .. rots also our society… The final look — glitter costume represent either the “fake diamonds” of our time, or the Phoenix – rising from the ashes — your choice…
Love the presentation, love the idea! Power wo/man looks with bold shoulders made od the baseball hats, perfect tailoring of the materials — artificial and pure natural fabrics, plastic “trash” bels — like those, which are being stuck on the “poor sea residents” , knit dresses (just like the summer collection of Jacquemus) …specially “cut” pieces of fabrics, that create that “new” tailoring effect (just like Loewe and Maison Margiela) …  LOVE IT!!!!

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Minimalism in the highest quality work – white shirt-dress, wrapped coats, glitter skirts, feminine and elegant cuts with the emphasis on the craft work which is a pure perfection… A little bit remind of the Rick Owens summer collection… Calm pastels and clear lines…

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Jan Černý

Just like his last collection, Jan Černy kept his signature style – sporty look, inspired by YEEZY – hoodies, baggy clothes with giant pockets, sport suits with  “Jan” logo and “welcome to the looser club asshole”, belt bags and masive backpacks made with the cooperation of Naut brand. The whole collection has been created in a “horror theme” – as we know, the majority of the movies are made in a “green screen” – John Galliano might have been the first one who created the “projector garments” – and Jan is continuing in this trend with his “green and red screen” coats..
You will have no longer fear of the dark – with the reflective stripes …
Sporty suits made with the rubber wires (not hidden, but vice versa) made as the main esthetic and constructional element,  makes you look almost like a robotic killer, and the hole in the middle of the costume – thats for “The Alien” to jump out your chest  without damaging your jacket. Even arachnophobia took its place in the collection – a little personal message from the creator himself. Part of the collection are also (soon to become)  “THE SHOES”, which have been created by Jan with cooperation of the Czech “pride” – Prestige.


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Speaking of spiders  – Avada kedavra!

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Denisa Nová DNB

A little jump back in time – silk skirts and trousers with your “grandmothers” oversize sweaters, just like  Victoria Beckham, retro leather jackets form the 90’s and old school bomber flying jackets…

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Oh, my god! I love every single part of this collection – Radka Sirková and Anna Tušková are one of my fav Czech designer — their approach of “new power woman” is fantastic — classy, elegant and so-o-o chic!
Denim overalls, just like Ralph Lauren or Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini, wrapped skirts ala Hermés, retro materials/prints and colors, just like Fendi and VB… Love it

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Who is your favourite czech fashion designer?




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